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Craft and Technology

Craft and Technology


SwissART program centers around thinking skills, delighting research, expression and discovery with objectives to nurture artistic talent and developing leaders who draws on creativity to contribute to the society.

Design & Technology

Students are engaged in Design-and-make activities and experience the process of design adapted to their abilities, interest and design context. Students will develop important life-skills (time management, problem solving skills, creative thinking skills, etc), design skills (sketching, user-centered research, etc) and learn to manipulate a variety of materials.

Food & Nutrition

The Food & Nutrition Unit adopts the Problem-based learning (PBL) approach to engage students to work collaboratively to seek solutions to real-life problems, arouse their curiosity and initiate learning. Students are also given opportunities to familiarise themselves with different process skills (Task Analysis, Research, Decision-making, Evaluation, etc). In the process, students will develop essential life-skills and competencies (self-responsibility, self-assessment and higher-order thinking skills, etc).


The 2 year General Music Curriculum includes the learning of Music Elements, Music Appreciation (specifically the Baroque, Classical, Romantic Era), Understanding of roles of music in the Singapore Culture, Creating and Performing Music & Creation of music video through the use of technology.

Craft &
Mrs Lim-Ong Ching Ching HOD Craft & Technology
Mdm Chok Shuk Yin HOD CCE & Student Well-being
Mr Erman Bin Abu Bakar SH Art & Strategic Communications
Mr Simon Wong Yin Kiew
Mdm Sim Chin Ling
Mr Koh Joon Teck
Mr Hosni Bin Abdul Razak
Mr Zairee Bin Sallai AED Teaching & Learning
Mdm Koh Shin Yee
Miss Su Ziyan
Mdm Noraini Bte Yusof Kitchen Assistant
Mdm Nuraini Bte Ithnin
Miss Nur Farihah Bte Ahmad Rifa’eh
Mr Chua Soo Chuan Educational Workshop Instructor
Mr S. Rozaini Bin Yusoff Educational Workshop Instructor
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