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English Language

English Language

Our Programmes

English Language

At the Lower Secondary, we focus on building a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary through reading and speaking, as well as developing confidence in using the English Language in a variety of contexts.


At the Upper Secondary, we focus on applying critical thinking to their writing and understanding, by learning to appreciate the way texts are constructed for varied purpose, audience, context and culture.

Literature in English

At the Lower Secondary, we have a broad-based programme which aims at exposing students to an appreciation of prose, film, drama as well as songs and poetry.

At the Upper Secondary, O level Literature is offered to Express students who wish to read it with deeper understanding and mastery, subject to the conditions and the requirements of the course.

Key department activities supporting EL and Literature learning in 2015:

Levels Activities
Sec 1
  • LangLit Drama Appreciation –  Merchant of Venice/ Lord of the Flies
  • POSB KidsWrite – SG50 programme
Sec 2
  • “50 SME, 50 Schools Initiative” Wikipedia writeup
  • Project Childcare (GP/EL/ALP collaborated programme)
  • Interclass Debate Challenge
Sec 3
  • Speech and Presentation Challenge
4/ 5
  • Marife Cruz Comprehension Seminar
  • Swiss Student Reporter Project (5N)
  • Swiss Scrabble Challenge
  • ICAS certification by University of New South
    Wales Global (Australia)
  • Creative Arts Program


Our Team

English &
Mdm Lee Wee Teng June Acting HOD English Language
Miss Tan Annie Year Head (NA Course)
Mdm Mini Sathiya Sidhan HOD Total Curriculum & English Literature
Mrs Constance Wong Lead Teacher
Miss Herina Bte Roslin Senior Teacher
Mr Wong Wai Kiong Terence SH Technology for Learning
Miss Tan Mee Han
Mdm Jayati Deb
Miss Vicki Yong Min Hui
Miss Melody Bay Wanting
Mdm Aloor Ann Pius
Miss Nursafiqah Binti Sa’ad
Miss Tan Shi Hui
Miss Yap Ee Ping Jodee
Mr Praveen Kumar s/o Vadevelu
Mr Syed Segaff Bin Syed Khaled Alsree
Miss Thilagavathi Sigamani Adjunct Teacher
Miss Mardiana Bte Mahat AED Teaching & Learning
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