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Mother Tongue Languages

Mother Tongue Languages

Our Programmes

Our teachers are committed to equip our students the skills and knowledge of their Mother Tongue Language, culture and values to develop them into Thoughtful Leaders who contribute to the society and the global nation.

Overview of 4/5 year programme and Desired Outcomes aligned with syllabus and Thoughtful Leadership:

Higher Mother Tongue
Mother Tongue
NA Mother Tongue
Mother Tongue syllabus ‘B’
NT Basic Mother Tongue

Desired Outcomes: Developing Swiss students to become Thoughtful Leaders who are effectively bilingual.

Learning MTL as a Living Language by creating the environment for exposure to Mother Tongue Language and culture, and the platform for using MTL through the following activities / programmes:

  1. MTL Fortnight
  2. Language and Cultural Camp
  3. Conversational Chinese / Malay programme

The Swiss MTL Department organizes school-based MTL Cultural Camps annually, where a myriad of outside-class activities are conducted for students to learn and use MTL in novel and exciting ways.

Chinese Language

Students were provided with an authentic platform to enhance their language use, and were taught critical thinking and communication skills through the use of learning portal. They learn to craft their views and ideas systematically and further develop the content based on their life experiences and prior knowledge. It was an engaging learning experience for them as they collaborated closely with their peers and also displayed the spirit of self- directed learning in Chinese Language and cultures.

Malay Language

Students have better understanding of the different aspects of their language, history and culture through Amazing Race at Fort Canning Park.  They went through hands-on sessions such as playing traditional games, dancing a traditional dance. Indeed the students experience ML as a ‘living language’ in a fun and engaging way.

Tamil Language

Students explored the different aspects of the Tamil language, history and culture through an Amazing Race at Sentosa. Thus, they gain a better understanding of the historical significance of Sentosa as a former fishing village and British military base. This cultural camp also provided the platform for students to learn and express historical terms and concepts in Tamil language. These activities successfully kindled students’ interest to use MTL as they were immersed in a fun environment that encourages them to learn and use the language.

Our Team

Mother Tongue
Miss Toh Hui Jing HOD Mother Tongue Language
Mdm Goh Hwee Tin Senior Teacher
Mdm Xu Yiping Senior Teacher
Mdm Noorhidaya Bte Abdul Karim Senior Teacher
Miss Jamakyah Bte Adhar SH Student Leadership
Mr S Radhakrishnan
Mr Mak Kam Chuen
Mdm Xi Ning
Mdm Tee Lay Kean
Miss Chen Xiao Yang
Miss Low Yu Hui
Mr Ng Chin Kiat
Ms Lok Wai See Adjunct Teacher
Mr Liu Yong Feng Adjunct Teacher
Mdm Nafisah Nurraudhah Bte Sa’Dollah
Mdm Redha Nasuha Bte Mas’od
Mdm Taty Fairuwani Bte Hamwal Adjunct Teacher
Mdm Kasthuri d/o Elamaran
Mdm Maheshwari Thangaiah
Miss Vijayaprabha Natarajan
Mdm Hariyani Bte Sarmin AED Teaching & Learning
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