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Physical Education

Physical Education

 Our Programme aims to allow students
  • to realise the importance of living a healthy lifestyle
  • to equip themselves with skills and knowledge to develop a healthy lifestyle
  • to demonstrate the value of friendship, respect and excellence
  • to lead themselves and others to enjoy participation in health-related activities
  • to be able to maintain physical health and fitness through regular participation in at least one form of physical activity
  • to develop qualities of a healthly and fit Swiss student
  • to develop a passion for health
  • to be resilient through physical activity
  • to develop integrity in play
  • to dare to try
  • to be empathetic team player and leader
Our Team
Physical Education & Co-Curricular Activities
Mr Toh Chee Keong HOD PE & CCA Yearhead (NT Course)
Mdm Hafiza Bte Ahssan SH CCA
Mr Rajanayagam Michael
Mr Teguh Daniel Tampemawe
Mdm Lynn Norhana Bte Hassan
Mr Chew Kok Chung Alex
Muhd Irfan Hussein

Our Programme

Sec 1 

Athletics (Service to Self)


  • Field events – Long Jump, Shot Put, Javelin
  • Track events – Sprints, Relay

Games (Service to Self)

  • Floorball, Hockey, Badminton, Mini Tennis, Basketball, Netball

Exercise Time – Interval Training

Sec 2

Games (Service to Self)

  • Soccer, Touch Ruby, Frisbee, Softball


Exercise Time – Interval Training

Sec 3

Games (Service to Self)

  • Soccer, Basketball, Badminton (Advanced)

Creative Routine (Service to Nation)

Sec 4

Self Directed Learning (Service to Nation)

Sports Education Program (Service to Nation)

Sec 5

Sports Education Program (Service to Others)

Dance (Service to Others)

Fitness Club

Swiss Outdoor Experience Program (Service to Nation)

  • Sec 1 Hike
  • Sec 2 Camp

Swiss House Program (Service to Nation)

  • Cross Country
  • Sports Day
  • House Games

Swiss Leadership Program (Service to Others)

  • Sports Leaders

Healthy and Fit Leaders of Tomorrow

  • Indoor Sport Hall (with 2 basketball Court)
  • Soccer Field
  • Badminton Court
  • Hall
  • Netball Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Fitness Corner
  • Gymnasium
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