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Our Programmes

The science department is committed to develop Swiss students to be thoughtful leaders who are critical and inventive thinkers in the area of Science. Our teachers generates excitment in our students through various pedagogies, demonstrations and deliberate linkage to authentic context. Students are provided opportunities to explore deeper into the subject matter both within as well as outside of the classroom. We hope that all our students will aquire the necessary skills and attitude to be an independent and self directed science learner who will continue to engage in scientific work or learning after he/she graduates from Swiss.

Lower Secondary

Students are introduced to the 3 domains of Sciences: Biology, Chemistry & Physics through modules that are taught over two years. They will build up a strong foundation in order to prepare them for upper secondary.

Upper Secondary

All our Express students are offered 2 to 3 pure science subject at upper secondary.

Our Normal(Academic) students offer Combine Science and have a choice between doing Science (Chem/Bio) or Science (Chem/ Phy).

All our Normal(Technical) students offer Science at upper secondary.

Our Team

Mdm Ong Siew Khim HOD Student Management & Acting HOD / Science
Mr Seow Jason Acting School Staff Developer
Mr Lim Yiu Tian Year Head (Express Course)
Mr Lim Jun Li SH Physics & Applied Sciences
Mdm Tan Pui San Senior Teacher
Mr Goh Weibin SH Biology
Mr Hoon Yeng Wei SH Science & Values Education
Mr Tan Han Chong Timothy
Mdm Stephanie Hngh Sze Hui
Mdm Low Hwee Cheng
Mdm Lau Lee Leng
Mdm Shahadah Bte Rahmat
Mr Teguh Daniel Tampemawe
Mdm Sitti Aishah Bte Yusof
Mr Sharizan Bin Salim
Mdm Khilfina Bte Kamaruddin Shah
Miss Liew Jia Meng
Mr Sunil s/o Kalarasingam
Mdm Wong Wee Leng
Miss Ng Xue Ting
Ms Lin Aiting
Miss Nur Safiqah Bte Sa’ad
Mr Ngoh Kia Joon
Mr Syed Segaff Bin Syed Khaled Alsree
Mr Thou Reaksmey
Mdm Mak Yin Mei AED Teaching & Learning
Mdm Khairunnisa Bte Ali AED Teaching & Learning
Mdm Suriakumari d/o Singaravelu Operations Support Officer
Mdm Puspalatha d/o Chandra Sagaran Operations Support Officer
Mr Ng Wei Kiang Danny Operations Support Officer
Miss Fatin Nadhirah Bte Ismail Laboratory Technician

Science Talent Development Programme

We are committed to provide every Swiss student with opportunities to excite, explore and engage in the realm of science. Various programmes and competitions are available to cater to students of different abilities and interest level in science.


Level I programmes include:

  • Swiss Science Challenge
  • Science Week
  • International Compeu252/Swiss Experisment for Schools (Science)
  • Sec 1 Enrichment – Construction of water rocket
  • Sec 2 Enrichment – Life Science

Level II Programmes

Level II programmes are meant for selected students. They will be given more guidance as well as opportunities to represent the school in zonal or national competition. Students are invited to join the talent programme at the start of sec 2 & 3 base on their performance in their science subjects as well as recommendations by their teachers.

Level II programmes include:

  • Junior Physics/ Chemistry Olympiads
  • Hard Science Research Workshop (Sec 2)
  • Attachment to teacher mentor (Sec 3)
  • National Science Challenge


2013: 1 High Distinction, 13 Distinctions, 27 Credits
2012: 2 High Distinctions, 22 Distinctions, 43 Credits
2011: 1 High Distinction, 11 Distinctions, 58 Credits

2013: Preliminary Round
2012: Quarter Finals
2011: Semi Finals

2012: 1 Honourable Mention
2011: 6 Honourable Mention
2010: 7 Honourable Mention

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