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School Song & School Crest

School Song & School Crest

The Former School Song The Present School Song
Mari bersama-sama
Menjunjung lambang sekolah
Bersatu berjuang, bersatu berjuang
di medan sukan dan pelajaran

We’ll pave new ways
Blaze a path of glory
We’ll reach new heights
In two fold endeavour
Twin Streams, Twin Streams merged
With but one heart

by Mr. Charles Lazaroo
A school standing high in our esteem,
She soars aloft and reigns supreme,
We cherish her and revere her name
The school we love of glorious fame.
Swiss Cottage! Swiss Cottage!

Blaze a path of glory!
Surging forward to greater heights of truth,
A beacon of light in our story,
A mould to guide and shape our youth.
Swiss Cottage! Swiss Cottage!
A sign of dedication,
Forging friendships with us all,
Our prayers, our praise and adoration,
Our pride, our joy, our school!

by Mr. R. W. Mosbergen
revised & harmonized by Mr. Derek Cable


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