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Total Curriculum

Total Curriculum

Towards Thoughtful Leadership

Swiss Cottage aims to nurture all students and staff to be Thoughtful Leaders who THINK (cognitive), CARE (affective) and LEAD (behavioural), guided by our school values, PRIDE.  They will exhibit Passion for learning, Resilience for challenges, Integrity of purpose, Dare to try for breakthroughs and Empathy for others.

We want our Thoughtful Leaders to exert a positive influence on their environment – e.g., the classroom, the CCA, the home and society at large.  By exerting this influence as Thoughtful Leaders, they are truly engaged as part of a Vibrant Learning Community both within the school and beyond the school.
To achieve the outcome of Thoughtful Leadership in all students and staff, we developed a Total Curriculum approach.  The concept of a Total Curriculum is to streamline all learning experiences such that collectively, a student receives a Swiss education experience that would equip and guide him on the journey of Thoughful Leadership after he/she leaves Swiss.

A ‘Total Curriculum’ to deliver Thoughtful Leadership

The journey begins with character. At the core, the Thoughtful Leader is firmly grounded in the Swiss values PRIDE and possesses the social-emotional competencies that enable him to relate well to others and 21st century competencies that will help him to become work and world ready.

The 6 ways of influence or MOP-LoRE are strategies that are deliberately considered to influence outcomes in the Total Curriculum: they are the strategies of Modelling, Observation, Practice, Logical Consequences, Reflection and Extension to influence character and leadership building.

think care lead triangle.JPG

The 4-5 years of Instructional Programme (IP), Student Development Programme (SDP) and Thoughtful Leadership Programme (TLP) infuse the teaching of values, SEL and 21st Century competencies and integrate the Thoughtful Leadership outcomes.

The values infusion into the IP area helps students to remain connected to values as they acquire and make sense of knowledge and skills, so that in future they will manage knowledge responsibly. The SDP which looks into the holistic development of the students and is the foundation for the school’s Culture of Care. The TLP moves this Culture of Care outwards into the community at large through VIA and a dedicated Student Leadership programme for all students.

The final concentric circle outlines the type of learning experiences, namely Collaborative, Authentic and Service Learning, hat are constructed to deliver learning of Thoughtful Leadership. Because leadership is about influence, collaborative learning provides a platform to exert leadership in turns and to contribute actively. For decision-making to be meaningful as well as observed clearly, authentic links and contexts must be set up. Decision-making is a key leadership competency. Finally, the true test of thoughtfulness (consideration and reflective thinking) is when the students can demonstrate service to the community.

TL Outcomes.JPG

In a nutshell, the learning experiences take place within formal curriculum time as well as informally through CCAs, interactions with schoolmates and staff, etc.  Hence, values and SEL competencies are infused into our programmes and platforms both in and outside the classroom are created to help students imbibe and express the 21st century competencies.

Finally, the student will learn to THINK, CARE and LEAD with PRIDE. The Thoughtful Leader embody the desired outcomes of education – having learnt Self-directed learning, Concerned citizenry, Active Contribution to society and Confidence through the Total Curriculum.

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