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Student Recognition

Student Recognition

Character First is what Swiss Cottage wants to develop students in. Student Recognition Committee serves to see the “good” in every student and publicly recognise them through the various school’s platforms. This committee serves to ‘catch’ Swiss Students doing good and at the same time educate others through sharing the good habits of these role models. The guidelines for students to achieve the awards will be in accordance to the PRIDE values of the school.

Internal Student Recognition

Internal Student Recognition recognises students with good behaviour or had shown resilience to improve in their behaviour at the school level. Publicity of the good behaviour was done through presentations of the Exemplary Character Awards in the morning assemblies.  Excellent Conduct Grade ceremonies were carried out once per semester to commend students who achieve “Excellent” conduct grade. In this way, Swiss Cottage exhibits a positive school culture with students consistently being celebrated for behaving well or doing good. Students with exemplary character were further nominated for National Awards by the External Student Recognition.

External Student Recognition

External Student Recognition nominates deserving students with exemplary character, excel in their academics and CCA for scholarships and national awards.

The scholarship that the students can apply includes:

  • The PRYME scholarships

National awards:

  • Lee Kuan Yew award for all round excellence
  • Edusave Good character award


Internal Recognition Ceremony

Annex2.jpgInternal Recognition Ceremony


Excellent Conduct Grade Ceremony


Lee Kuan Yew award for all round excellence

Lee Kuan Yew award for all round excellence_Winner of 2013_Calvin Voo
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