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Parents Support Group (PSG)

Parents Support Group (PSG)


The purpose of the Parent Support Group (PSG) is to engage and involve the parents of our students in the life of our school. It provides avenues for the parents to receive assistance, contribute and/or have a voice in the school.
Such collaboration is necessary as both the school and the parents have shared interests and responsibilities. We both seek to develop the students and prepare them in the best way possible for the future.


Despite busy schedules, it is in the interests of parents to be involved in school activities as it affects their child. With their involvement and assistance, the school can deliver more opportunities for quality learning that goes beyond its resources to provide. Parents who contribute their professional expertise can also help each other give valuable exposure/experience to the students and therefore, each other’s child.
In the same way, it is in the interests of the school and individual teachers to engage and work with the parents of the students. By keeping the parents informed and communication channels clear, they can get the parents on their side. This allows the school to be more effective in ensuring the students remain focused on learning and less time spent on discipline.

Areas of Focus

Building Strong Bonds

  • Parent-Child Activities
  • Parent Network
  • Phone calls, email and/or other meetings
  • Access to Infrastructure/Services

Sharing Knowledge

  • Bimonthly Newsletter
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings
  • Workshops/Seminars for Parents
  • Parents giving talks/training for students and/or other parents
  • Attachments for students in the workplaces of Parents

Working Together

  • Co -organising School Events
  • Supporting School Events/Services
  • Chaperones for Field Trips
The Parent-Support Group committee invites all parents of children studying in Swiss Cottage Secondary School to join us in this work of supporting our children in their educational endeavours and to be a part of the school that is helping us to bring up our children the way we want them to be. You can register with us by downloading the registration form and emailing it back to Swiss Cottage Secondary School at To find out more on the current happenings for PSG, parents also join PSG facebook.
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