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Swiss Character Development Framework

Swiss Character Development Framework


Swiss Character and Citizenship Framework provides the platform for each student’s all-round development. The framework illustrates how the 5 pillars of Student Wellness Group, namely, Student Welfare, Student Development, Co-Curricular Activities, National Education and Student Leadership, work to achieve the desired outcome of Swiss students, aligned with the 21st and Desired Outcome of Education.

At the heart of the SWG framework are the school values and SEL competencies. This is the foundation that we ground our students in and hope that each and every of our students are instilled with the PRIDE values, as well as acquire a competent level of SEL competencies when they graduate in their four or five years with Swiss.

The school’s mission of ‘THINK, CARE & LEAD’ with PRIDE is also embedded in this Framework. The school’s mission also serves as our approach in realising the goals of the school. This means that in the programmes that the SWG organise, there will be myriad platforms across the non-IP departments for students to exercise ‘Thinking, Caring & Leading’. In ensuring that there are opportunities for students to think, care and lead, we are also aligning the individual programmes to the school’s mission.

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